Maryling FW 23/24 – A room with a view

An irresistible desire to explore new environments and experience different inspires the collection FW 23/24 MARYLING, “Hotel MARYLING – A room with a view”.

Traveling, with the same desire and complying with the need of connection with others and with oneself to enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer. Simply, moving your gaze beyond the usual boundaries. A gesture that, conceptually and visually, MARYLING translates into the design that characterizes its proposal stylistic for the next cold season.

Starting from the patterns, which are multiple and explore a palette of colors in which the echo of the carpets of the historic mountain hotels, in a unique color combination between deep brown, burnt orange with hints of canary yellow and purple. In the foreground monochrome dresses and color block garments in dialogue with those prints inspired by the artists who created a link with the hotel rooms worldwide, by Sofia Coppola of of “Lost in Translation” to the paintings of Edward Hopper.But not only. The sartorial ars of MARYLING is delighted to cover the classic palette of the season declined on typical winter textures – wool, cashmere, mohair- and scratching it with notes of lava, botanic green, dolphin gray. And yet the baby orange in silk satin is used in combination with caramel and intense green, often interspersed with prints.A collection that, once again, becomes the manifesto of the MARYLING style and the perfect vision of the happy encounter between art and luxury.

We interviewed the CEO of MARYLING, Isabelle Li.

Dear Isabelle,

Tell me about the brand’s development on the Italian and European markets. What are the differences compared to China market?

In Milan there is a cosmopolitan headquarters, on the move, to meet and drink a good coffee, travel and have fun. For this reason it is important to open a physical store, to be present , it is essential to have a point of sale where people can discover the brand and buy its garments.

Following the pandemic, fashion market has had a difficult time recovering. What about new opportunities in Europe and in the East?

The European market seems to have been ready for a long time, both commercially and environmentally. Now also the market of the east moves in such sense, is like customers that like supply chain, already predisposed for this field.

Looking at the future, are new brand acquisitions planned on the European market?

The New brand is inserted in the European and Eastern markets, to amplify the concept of the global market.

Thank you for the interview, bye! 


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