Cult debuts at Milan Fashion Week – The first fashion show at the Museum of Science and Technology

Milan, 20th February, 2024.

Cult debuted on the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week with the new collection FW 24-25 and is the protagonist, in the spaces of the Museum of Science and Technology, a fashion show characterized by the rebel rock mood that has always distinguished the essence of Cult, icon of an unconventional aesthetic in the lifestyle scene.

“The debut on the catwalk is much more than a fashion show. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, a crucial moment to consolidate the position of Cult among the pret-à-porter brands protagonists of fashion week. We have decided to achieve this goal gradually ” said Massimiliano Rossi, Zeis Excelsa General Manager. “The spin-off on clothing, in fact, is part of a larger project implemented by the Group with the expansion of the product, thanks to licensing agreements dedicated, respectively, to the sector of bags and accessories and footwear kids ” concludes.

With the event during the Milan Fashion Week, Zeis Excelsa – the Group that has the brand in its portfolio – underlines the tangible result of an evolutionary path started with the development of a total look signed Cult.

Cult increasingly lifestyle with the collection womenswear cult apparel FW 24/25.  Audacity, femininity and identity in which the rebel rock mood is scratched by an unconventional aesthetic that does not go unnoticed. The elegance of daring is at the heart of the new womenswear proposal with which Cult perfects its lifestyle idea with the Apparel collection for her in the FW 24/25 station.
Contemporary and fast, the collection is a concentrate of the essence of the brand, translated into garments able to express themselves through the strong notes of volumes and lines that, in dialogue with each other, return an idea of sophisticated balance.
Dark and romantic together, the Cult woman reveals the body with elegance, choosing sharp and clean cuts, silhouettes that express its identity, strong and powerful colors, key to reading a universe that goes beyond the trend and rises to icon. The variants, a pretext for expressing their personality, have fun with the style and experiment with its declinations, enlivening them in different ways.

Starting with the outerwear in which the volume is in the foreground: in the newest box models in faux leather, bouclé fabric, in the original blazer/ bomber, while it softens in long coats and agile down jackets. Refinement and character are the basis of parka and hoods with motif of ruches, sheepskin coats and coats with a marinière profile. The details give the exact measure of a strong and sensual femininity that lingers in the lace and rhinestones of the most basic garments, in the ribs that slide on the silhouette.

And yet, the classic jacquard opens to exploration, in the dress with petticoats and fringes, in maxi cardigans with belt, while the charm for the corset cut is the protagonist of a body carousel that recalls, ideally, the footwear collection.
The knit dress, experimenting with lengths and material divertissement, is the perfect expression of a transversal and mixable collection, that does not prescind from casual tones, as in sweatshirts and pants – palazzo, cargo, slim and Carrot – but bends to an all day long approach.
Three moods: sport fashion, daily rock and party time, which express the essence of a multifaceted collection and suitable for any occasion.

We interviewed Victoria Adaeze Ejiogu, Creative Director of Cult.

“The fashion week marks the debut of Cult clothing.
The brand was founded in 1987 with the first creation; the amphibian with the steel tip.
I entered as creative direction 13 years ago, bringing the idea of an image that was futuristic, starting from the matrix of the biker, who takes the inheritance from accident. One of our biggest challenges is to get into the wardrobe of as many women as possible, so in reality Cult is a brand that follows a creative line in a transversal way.
Strong of the footwear identity, always thinking of a logic linked to the total look, we finally managed to offer a collection that could dress at the moment the woman ( but in the future we will also think of the man ) .
Today’s great satisfaction is to debut with a total look that fully reflects the identity, renewing itself, and therefore also giving options of outfits that can satisfy and make the woman feel confident. Our wardrobe is very compact, but gives the opportunity to create countless outfits, ranging from urban to evening, until mixing the two worlds. Think for example of the sequins worn with boots, to an evening dress worn with amphibians. In the same way we can find a sportwear suit worn with decolletées.
There is no age-related target… it is an attitude, a way of being and feeling, that gives different use opportunities. ”



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