Mila Schön, timeless icon of Italian elegance, presents the F/W 2024 collection

Milan, 20th February, 2024.

Founded in 1958 by Milanese designer Maria Carmen Nutrizio, known as the “lady of Italian elegance”, Mila Schön has deep roots in the Italian sartorial tradition. Her mastery of colour, fabric and shape caught the attention of international haute couture from her first steps, earning her acclaim for her ability to interpret elegance with a touch of modernity.

An icon of style and refinement, Mila Schön has always represented the meeting point between artisan tradition and innovation, creating garments that enhance the beauty and individuality of every woman. Thanks to the enterprising vision and sartorial mastery of its namesake founder, the Mila Schön brand has been a pioneer in the field of fashion, broadening its scope from clothing to lifestyle and design. Schön, whose clientele included style icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Farah Diba, Lee Radziwill and Ira von Furstenberg, built his reputation on understated, timeless elegance, with a penchant for precision-cut tailoring and extensive use of fabrics. Color, chevron textures, inlays and wave motifs have become distinctive features of her work, strongly influenced by contemporary art and artists such as Gustav Klimt, Lucio Fontana, Mondrian and Jackson Pollock. Over the years, Mila Schön has consolidated her position in the industry, collaborating with prominent names and winning prestigious awards such as the Neiman Marcus Award, a recognition reserved for the figures who have most influenced global fashion.

Today the maison, after years of transition and strategic renewal, guided by new leadership and an innovative approach, carries forward the legacy of Mila Schön with a vision that goes beyond ephemeral trends, placing particular emphasis on quality craftsmanship and sustainability. The FW24 Collection manifests itself as an ode to the mastery of the past, addressing contemporary challenges with a keen eye on the future.

The FW24 Collection – A tribute to sartorial elegance:

With a history that evokes charm and elegance, Mila Schön continues to amaze with a collection that stands out for its quality and attention to detail. Celebrating sartorial art and craftsmanship, Mila Schön’s FW24 Collection draws inspiration from the sinuous movement of yarn, the beating heart of every creation. This creative path materializes in unique models, which embrace the female figure in a play of shapes, colors and refined details.

Addressing women who wish to stand out through sartorial excellence and originality, this Mila Schön collection captures the essence of change and transformation, offering a well-defined style that adapts to every target audience. The fine fabrics, carefully selected for their quality and versatility, offer a feeling of comfort and refinement that perfectly represents the needs of the modern woman.

Each piece in the FW24 Collection reflects the distinctive style and attention to detail that have become Mila Schön’s trademark. Impeccable tailoring, precise cuts and sophisticated silhouettes

that blend harmoniously with geometric patterns and textures, creating a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

With the FW24 Collection, Mila Schön offers women the opportunity to express their personality and style in a unique and elegant way, regardless of age. With the new collection, the maison continues its search for excellence and innovation, offering garments that combine quality craftsmanship and contemporary style. Mila Schön celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of every woman, offering garments that are recognizable and customizable, adapting to every type of need and lifestyle.

The “yarn” as a founding element:

The yarn, at the basis of the entire FW24 collection, becomes a tangible symbol of the continuity of Mila Schön’s artisan tradition. This sinuous movement of the yarn creates exclusive fabrics, strictly Made in Italy, which become precious dresses, structured jackets, enveloping coats, and versatile garments such as shirts, t-shirts, trousers, skirts and sweaters, all made with an unparalleled dedication to the quality of raw material.

Made in Italy:

Mila Schön’s new collection is an authentic expression of her heritage, with pieces that embody sophisticated elegance and boundless creativity. Each piece was made with the utmost attention to detail and an innate passion for craftsmanship. The maison is committed to promoting the legacy of Made in Italy by designing garments designed to resist the passage of time thanks to the use of carefully selected materials assembled by expert hands.

New Horizons:

In the sign of continuous renewal and growth, Mila Schön inaugurates a new management showroom in Corso Buenos Aires 1, Milan. This space represents not only a meeting point for the fashion community, but also a symbol of the brand’s commitment to innovation and development. Cofedo has started a global partnership with the Japanese financial group Itochu, owner of the brand. By entrusting the management of communication and image to an internal team, the Mila Schön brand projects itself into the future with renewed enthusiasm and dedication to fashion that lasts over time.


We interviewed Maurizio Pacini, Operations Manager of Mila Schon. 

“When we designed this collection, we thought about the history of the brand – says Maurizio Pacini, Managing Director of Mila Schon – and we considered two fundamental details. One is the color, the other the strong sartorial content, which has been reinterpreted giving the collection itself an important balance towards the outerwear, both for the outside of coats, both for clothes and jackets. This has led to a modernization of the made in Italy, both for the part of the packaging, both for the part of the materials, being Italian the origin of all the fabrics. ”

“The collection is very varied, thanks to the proposal of various product categories: shirts, jackets and outerwear, to get to the knitwear and all the accessories in jersey. The addition of leather goods ( bags, footwear ) will take place in the next collection. ”

Finally, concludes Pacini ” The other fundamental aspect is to have given the brand the direction of a company showroom. The Italian market is of great importance, but at the same time it is essential to be able to face the European and overseas markets, thinking of the American and Korean market, a new emerging country. Our collection is also very interesting for the Chinese market, which we expect to incorporate in import-export relations. ”


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