Alessandro Enriquez F/W ’24: ” Pace ci piace “

Milan, 22th February, 2024

Alessandro Enriquez presents his new Fall/Winter 24-25 collection with the desire to convey a universal message: PEACE!

The new collection A/W Alessandro Enriquez 2024 is inspired by the world of flowers, without excluding any, combining different shapes, species and colors and proposing fantastic and surreal prints, choosing to be represented by the symbol that has always represented peace.

“I have always told love through my collection and season after season LOVE LOVE LOVE, embroidered, printed or jacquardato, became my most representative slogan. Dressing in love has always been my most beautiful proposal.
Today, however, my attention is focused on the need for a return to that love; in fact, I think that fashion should also scream a strong cease-fire and with the voice of my brand, albeit not great, I would like to challenge the silence of our society and make my collection launch an invitation, a request, a desire, to break tensions and conflicts, hoping for a return to love and quiet. I don’t want to express a political thought, but of Peace! PACE CI PIACE will be the claim of this season, my new message to spread with the hope that it will reach everyone. We are seeing daily tragedies, massacres, many-too-many innocent deaths. Too many men, women and children leave us. I then drew symbols, my flowers of peace that I will exhibit in an exhibition open to the public at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum together with works created in collaboration with Marco Lodola. They are all invited, all welcome guests, all welcome to keep us close in an embrace of solidarity. I only ask that we spread this message of peace, because that is what we all really need!”

“Fiori d’amore”, “fiori a pois”, “fiori d’artificio”, Alessandro’s “flower market” revives in a Dalidian atmosphere, in which the lively hydrangeas, the field flowers in celebration, the checks of daisies and many lucky insects such as the ladybird, the bee or the scarab, are the real protagonists of a collection, warm in the proposal, to wrap us with love and remind us that all of us, like flowers, we are children of this land from which they bloom and in which live the most beautiful flowers, only if we preserve them.

Alessandro collaborates with the flower designers of “Il profumo dei fiori” for a t-shirt and sweatshirt capsule, together they distribute free “bombs” of flowers, the only ones allowed to explode in beauty, to bloom everywhere, on the balcony of the house as in a jar or in a park or garden, without any effort, colorful and fresh flowers.
The designer’s designs are gently laid on natural fabrics such as silk, viscose, wool or cotton poplin, but also on technical fabrics such as nylon, to create a winter atmosphere of color and positivity.

The warm outerwear are the oversized padded and floral cut duvets, wool cloth coats in a bright solid color, from fuchsia to red to purple.
Men’s shirts fabrics make their way into the women’s wardrobe and mix, to create the flagship of the collection: the tailored shirt. Striped cotton fabrics or piques are combined with printed poplin, creating a unique and recognizable unisex garment, for him and for her, that peacefully brings everyone together.
The stocking wool knitwear is developed in several proposals and models that have the detail of heart-shaped buttons or flowers, to create a thematic fil-rouge with prints to match. The tulle, almost tight like a second skin, is enriched with floral prints while fringes, the real novelty of the season, embellish the sheath dresses in crunchy colored duchesse and create a magical movement in the different lengths of kaftans, perfect as evening dresses. The screwed chemisier and the new 70’s style dresses with trapeze sleeves, flared and slipped on a softer waist, open in dizzying slits and match the bright lace and shawls, complement for all the looks of the collection, make a tribute to the Spain so beloved by Alexander, also told in the print with maxi roses and stars.

About The Scent of Flowers:
Since 2009 Il Profumo dei Fiori deals with everything that revolves around the floral world, from installations for private events to the composition of more complex sets for business clients in which flowers represent the expression of a gentle aesthetic influenced by Nature and Art.

About Martesena – Alta Pasticceria district since 1966:
Craftsmanship, tradition and innovation are the core values of Martesana that for over fifty years has contributed to writing the pages of the history of Italian haute pastry. Bottega Storica in Milan since 1966 and Tre Torte Gambero Rosso 2024, the company, founded by Maestro Vincenzo Santoro, operates in Italy and abroad with five pastry shops, an e-shop and a channel dedicated to companies and restaurants.

About Moitié Studio:
Moitié Studio is an interior architecture studio based in Milan, born from an idea of Francesco Gennaro and Giorgia Rossi. The projects of Francesco and Giorgia range from the domestic dimension to retail, from temporary installations to places of hospitality.

About RD/19 Dry Gin:
RD/19 Dry Gin was born in Milan in 2019 from the idea and strong desire of the brothers Raoul and Douglas Meyer. Their know-how, over 10 years old, and family heritage in the Premium distillates sector were the starting point to create a unique and highly recognizable 100% Made in Italy product. The perfect recipe was the result of a meticulous process that required a year of research and experimentation. The botanicals used in the production include juniper, gentian, bergamot and grapefruit, distilled individually, to preserve even the most delicate aromas.

About Schwarzkopf & Henkel:
Schwarzkopf & Henkel is one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies. Our customers, located in 125 countries around the world, purchased products for 2.477 billion Euros in 2004. Our extensive portfolio includes many of the best-known brands and the most popular products for dyes, styling, hair care, body hygiene, skin care, oral hygiene and perfumes. Among them Palette, Gliss, got2b. We are part of the Henkel Group, whose activity is also consolidated in the field of adhesives, detergents and technological products.

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