Innovation and Femininity: “Street Heart” by Cettina Bucca debuts at White Milano

Blending urban boldness with feminine enchantment, the Fall/Winter 2024-25 collection “Street Heart” by Cettina Bucca was premiered at White Milano, embracing the evocative theme “Women…Magical Creatures.”
The new collection is a fascinating exploration of the art that lives and breathes in the streets of the world, transforming every corner into an expression of beauty and storytelling. The inspiration comes from the artists, those who have to gift to see canvas in every surface, from city walls to sidewalks, from tunnel to natural landscapes.
Each piece of the Cettina Bucca’s collection is an homage to these artists who enchant the world with their masterpieces, defying the sky with works born from unexpected places. The collection celebrates the humility, commitment and love that these visionaries pour into their works, bringing inanimate spaces to life with unique beauty.
“Street Heart” praises the value of uniqueness and personal narrative hidden behind every look, smile, and unexpected gesture. Each Cettina Bucca dress is a statement of intent: a promise to keep alive the magic and wonder of a time that slips away and a present that is dressed in creativity and dreams.
Embracing a color palette that recalls vibrant murals and street flowerings, there are bold shades of blue, energetic reds, and natural greens alongside warm neutrals. The prints of the dresses are a hymn to expressive freedom: abstract motifs, strokes of color, and floating geometries that seem to capture moments of pure creativity.
The fabrics are a fusion between tradition and innovation, with the reinterpretation of ancient textiles through a contemporary design process that results in modern silhouettes with a retro flavor. The shapes vary from the wide fluidity of long skirts to the defined structure of coats, highlighting movement and versatility. Details such as ruffles, pleats, and draping add a touch of sophisticated craftsmanship, evoking the designer’s educational journey and personal growth.
Cettina Bucca celebrates individuality through fashion, offering each piece as a unique work of art to be worn that conveys personal stories and emotions. It is a tribute to the beauty that arises from the unexpected, an invitation to view the world through the eyes of art, celebrating every little corner transformed into a masterpiece. It is a reminder that art is everywhere around us, ready to warm our hearts and souls.

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