Lorena Antoniazzi: Uniqueness, quality and discreet elegance are the key elements of the FW24 collection

Uniqueness, quality and discreet elegance are the key elements of the FW24 Lorena Antoniazzi collection, which interprets and reflects the concept of “quiet luxury”.
An essential luxury, which enhances the craftsmanship and the choice of quality materials to offer a proposal that combines tradition and modernity embracing a timeless style.
The color palette ranges in different shades of beige, gray and natural colors confirming the choice of sobriety. Red, the only accent present, is a deliberate reference to femininity, Double bicolor wool and mohair enriched with details in knit or alpaca wool cloud effect for outerwear, characterized by oversize volumes and attractive fit.
The men’s double-breasted retains the traditional sartorial cut inspired by the design of the Prince of Wales; to be worn with fluid full pants or denim for a more casual but always chic touch.
The knitwear, which has always been a distinctive element of Lorena Antoniazzi history, presents a wide range of fine yarns including cashmere, wool and silk embellished with micro-sequins.
The sophisticated lines and volumes are expressed through sweaters, dresses, skirts and capes, as well as in traditional suits to be combined with cubs or polo shirts, versatile for every occasion.
The iconic braided workmanship also lends itself to new creative interpretations such as vests and dresses, becoming an emblem of Italian craftsmanship.
100% Made in Italy traceability is guaranteed by a patented digital system
by the company, which allows through a QR code to know the entire life cycle of the garment, from the yarn to the finished product.

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