Francesca Liberatore closes the Milan fashion week A/W ’24-25 with a big fashion show & concert at the Conservatory of Milan

Milan, 25th February, 2024. 

Francesca Liberatore, always poised between artistic performance and fashion show, for the next fall winter 2024-25 collection welcomes its audience in the Milanese temple of classical music with yet another unconventional parade, this time in the Verdi hall of the Milan Conservatory, together with the Alpen Symphonie Orchester, the Fondazione Società dei Concerti in Milan and with the patronage of the City of Milan to seal the values of immersiveness, usability, union and strength of the joint arts, at the base of the brand, which strongly continues to believe in constant work and collective experience.

In the unusual combination of fashion, classical music, art, performance come alive models among the audience, the orchestra also in total look Francesca Liberatore and other models as personification of the music itself, in a continuous shift of aesthetics and symbolism.

Black blocks with falling silhouettes are the reflection of colors that gather instead the instrumental sections, sugar paper, gray, camel, powder, peacock for the sumptuous finely woven wool tank tops, silk shirts and jacquard pants, to highlight, through a spontaneous rigor, how it is the human to give lives to the notes and not its role.

“This is an initiative without equal where music and fashion really present themselves as different languages of a single art: the orchestra professors also become protagonists of the show, directed by the young Swiss conductor Federico Frigo, performing two pieces by F. J. Haydn and W. A. Mozart, while the opening to the timpani is entrusted to Sebastiano Cabassi,” says Enrica Ciccarelli Mormone, President of the Society of Concerts and continues: “I am convinced that this meeting between fashion and music is only the first in a long series, I am happy and proud that Francesca Liberatore, contemporary and multifaceted designer, wanted to combine fashion and classical music for this show”


While Klaus Broz, artistic director of the Alpen Symphonie Orchester, adds:

“Making art means first of all opening up to the contamination of ideas, styles and personalities. We are really excited to get in touch with such a fascinating world as that of fashion while becoming models and interpreters of a renewed Gesamtkunstwerk”

The breaks alternate between the panels skirts where black frames the leaves and tartan are mixed with circles and geometric patterns. The regular and measured pants in their structure are flower and toothed or patch print. The bomber takes the place of the blazer in an easy and comfortable dynamism becoming a leader in a collection where thought is music. Proust wrote, because “thanks to art, instead of seeing one world, ours, we see it multiply; and, the more original artists, the more worlds are available to us, different from each other, even more than the worlds spinning in infinity” -Alessandro Turci

“As musicians we are always open to confrontation and artistic growth, every concert is important but this has a unique charm!” – Michele Gadioli, conductor.

Fondazione La Societá dei Concerti offers the Swipe Your Stage concept for the show! project already active in the music field, winner of the special mention “Digital Innovation in Arts” of the Culture+Enterprise Award. For the first time applied to fashion, Swipe Your Stage! Through the shots of four cameras sent to tablets supplied to the public, will allow you to admire in a unique way the details of the clothes of Francesca Liberatore.

Francesca Liberatore: “Mine are tests, unknown experiences that I want to live and make my audience live precisely in function of that creativity that presupposes the new and therefore the unpredictability of the final result, that I always hope can add something to the vision and collective emotion.




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