Chiara Boni F/W 2024: British chic extravagance

Milan, 26th February, 2024. 

With the Fall/Winter 2024 collection, fashion designer Chiara Boni celebrates bourgeois punk that reflects the most authentic spirit of British fashion. Deeply irreverent, always with elegance. A suitcase of travel memories, made of unpublished pieces reinterpreted by his Italian style.
Tartan and Scottish patterns steal the spotlight, dyeing the wardrobe with a cozy and timeless atmosphere. Traditional sartorial motifs, including herringbone and the Prince of Wales, add a masculine attitude, creating a fascinating contrast with feminine silhouettes, sometimes enriched with details inspired by kilt.
In line with the vibe of the collection, the iconic jersey of the brand is printed with a pattern that perfectly mimics flannel, while velvet adds a note of seductive sophistication. Evoking a walk in the British countryside, the colour palette is rich and enveloping: it ranges from winter white, lavender blush, rose petal and chartreuse to intense tones of blueberry, mahogany, musk, octane and arctic blue.
The range of dresses includes a wide range of styles, ranging from mini dresses to maxi dresses cut into shapes that enhance the feminine silhouette.
The proposal of broken is enriched not only by soft tailoring suits, but also by bustier tops, elongated blazers and trousers with different fits.
Drapes enrich the fluid evening dresses, made with metallic fabrics in shades of gold and silver. Sequins and lurex add extra sparkle to the collection, while maxi flowers that bloom on dresses celebrate the beauty of Britain’s impeccable gardens.

Among the models ANNA CLEVELAND who opened and closed the show.

The styling of the show was curated by Simone Guidarelli.

The original soundtrack, written and composed by Thomas Costantin, (Thomas Costantin Studio Milan), starts from the autobiographical book “Io che nasco immaginaria” written and published last November 2023 by designer Chiara Boni. In a paragraph she talks about her arrival in London and how it all started. With the help of a narrating voice the show starts from there, it tells of London in the late ’60s, from glam guitars mixed to the traffic horns of Times Square. The chaos of the metropolis, the tireless energy of the metropolis at the time (but not only) was one of the centers of the world. London’s charm is told as we go on, we talk about the transgression of the time, the beautiful one, the spray cans and brit rock. The story then evolves in contemporary London, with more electronic and sensual rhythms, The sounds of fox hunting have been sampled, bringing us a bit into the universe of the English countryside, where sounds of foxes processed with more mysterious environments lead us to an electronic beat, like what you might find in a London club nowadays. We thank our friends artists Andrea Fumagalli (Blu- vertigo), EYEGUYS, Filippo Scandroglio, Giulia Bevacqua who contributed to “instrumentare” the sound-track.

Demaldé Gioielli
In via Ponte Vetero, in the elegant and creative district of Brera, between Piazza del Carmine and the Castello Sforzesco, the Demaldè family has been carrying on for decades an activity that dates back to 1943 as a Historical Shop. Like a small Wunderkammer, Demaldè houses a collection of vintage and contemporary bijoux of all types and eras, of its own production and of large brands that have made the history of bijoux. For the CHIARA BONI show La Petite Robe were provided contemporary jewelry, vintage and some ad hoc creations born from passion and research that represent a unique collection.

Mazzanti Piume

Ostrich and pheasant feathers for hats and accessories. Ostrich boa completely assembled by hand, worked on craft looms. Stripping, trimming, framing, stitching, dyeing and turning made in the laboratory in Florence since 1935.
The brand Bonfilio Hats by Pasquale Bonfilio was born in Milan more than ten years ago. The philosophy is to prefer the uniqueness of the garments, entirely handmade. Each piece must have its own soul and for this reason you do not love to replicate them, they remain an art “object” to wear.
The pieces that have paraded are an interpretation of the red poppy to wear like a maxi-ruff. A riding cylinder with two carved locks on the side and a wide-weave rock/punk veil. A rock/punk veil with hand-carved macro-polka dots.
Adalberto Vanoni fashion show hairstyles for The Agency Aldo Coppola is considered by many professionals the most prestigious Italian brand in the hairstyle industry. Renowned for its strong link with the world of fashion and the ability to dictate new trends, the brand certainly stands out for the Italian style in the world.


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