Cettina Bucca SS24 Eco-couture

Cettina Bucca’s new collection stands out once again with its extraordinary “ECO” collection for Spring/Summer 2024. In an era in which fashion is often characterized by increasingly frenetic production times, Cettina Bucca chooses a slower and more conscious approach, marking a significant change in the industry towards more eco-friendly practicesfriendly.The meticulous care in the selection of fabrics gives authenticity and exclusivity to the collection”ECO”. An innovative choice was to give new life to the waste within the atelier, transforming it into precious fabrics for the exclusive garments of this collection, reducing to a minimum the purchase of new materials.An idea that not only reduces waste, but also demonstrates a concrete commitment to sustainability and innovation in fashion.In line with the commitment to sustainability.Staying true to natural yarns and high quality Italian fabrics, Cettina Bucca is further distinguished by its personalized prints inspired by the history that characterizes each collection. The inspirational mood of the SS24 chooses graphics that represent a link between past and present, through natural and historical elements, which adds depth and meaning to the creations, transmitting an authentic and emotional experience to those who choose to wear them. The floral patterns and bright colors that animate the collection create an intimate bond with the tradition of the island, awakening atmospheres of Sicilian historical roots.The palette includes bright shades of yellow, fuchsia, pink, green and sea blue, that recall the vibrant colors of Sicilian nature and its breathtaking landscapes.The “ECO” collection is composed of light and fluid dresses, elegant suits, fluttering skirts, shirts and t-shirts with prints that recall nature. Each item is made with great attention to detail, reflecting the craftsmanship and craftsmanship that characterize the brand.

Cettina Bucca’s “ECO” collection is a tangible testimony that sustainable and high quality fashion can coexist. With its conscious approach and attention to detail, the Sicilian brand continues to redefine the boundaries of fashion, demonstrating that it is possible to create unique and exciting garments, without compromising the environment.

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